Adelheid Roosen

Initials A.T.M.
Main position Artistiek Leider Adelheid Female Economy en Zinaplatform
Member of Society of Arts
Employed by Adelheid Female Economy /Stichting Zinaplatform
Postbus 11822
1001 GV Amsterdam
tel.  020 776 1688
Personal website

No topic is taboo in the theatrical and film productions of playwright and director Adelheid Roosen (born in 1958): honour killing, domestic violence, sexuality (straight or gay) in de Muslim world, her mother’s Alzheimer’s – everything can and must be exposed. Inspired by her own experiences researching The Veiled Monologues, about women Muslim migrants living in the Netherlands (1997–2006), Roosen developed a method in which players and writers are ‘adopted’ by local people for a two-week period to ensure more profound communication and to collect life stories. Her method has since taken root in the Dutch and international theatre and cultural world.

In 2009, Roosen received the Amsterdam Prize for her pioneering contribution to the arts in Amsterdam. She has received an award at the Netherlands Film Festival and has twice won the Netherlands Proscenium Prize for her oeuvre. The Humanist Association of the Netherlands awarded her the Van Praag Prize, calling her ‘a tireless advocate of a world in which solidarity is given a second chance’. She has been affiliated with the Amsterdam University of the Arts for almost three decades, where she teaches drama.