Trevor Hastie

Titels Prof.
Initials T.J.
Main position Hoogleraar Stanford University
Disciplines Ecology
  Artificial intelligence, expert systems
  Probability theory, statistics
  Epidemiology and medical statistics
  Technology in medicine and health care
  Software, algorithms, control systems
  Bioinformatics, biomathematics
Chair Toegepaste statistiek
Domain Natural Sciences and Engineering
Membership Foreign Member
Since 2019
Foreign Member of Natural Sciences and Engineering
Employed by Stanford University, Department of Statistics
Sequoia Hall
390 Serra Mall
CA 94305-4020 Stanford
United States of America
tel.  +1 650 725 2231
Personal website

Trevor Hastie’s many books and articles are compulsory reading for apprentice data scientists. Hastie was one of the first to grasp the potential of computers for data analysis. He played a key role in the application of modern, computer-intensive statistical methods and it is thanks to him that researchers are increasingly able to tackle ever more complex data issues. For example, he helped to design R, the most widely used free software environment for statistical computing and graphics and the academic gold standard for data analysis in numerous domains. His name is associated with innovative machine learning methods, including ‘generalised additive models’, ‘elastic net’, ‘graphical LASSO’ and ‘principal curves’.