Marcel van den Brink

Titels Prof.
Initials M.R.M.
Main position Head, Division of Hematologie Malignancies
Disciplines Oncology
  Immunology, serology
Chair Oncologie
Domain Medical, Biomedical and Health Sciences
Membership Foreign Member
Since 2020
Foreign Member of Medical, Biomedical and Health Sciences
Employed by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Department of Medicine
1275 York Ave, Box 111
NY 10065 New York
United States of America
tel.  +1 646 888 2304

Marcel van den Brink obtained his PhD from Leiden University, but now works in New York as a physician-researcher. Van den Brink specialises in immunotherapy strategies for cancer and in bone marrow transplants in the treatment of blood cancers in particular. Bone marrow transplant is a very radical form of treatment. The body must accept the new ‘foreign’ cells, completely rebuild its immune system, and fight off the cancer cells. Van den Brink has studied this complex process closely and made a large number of discoveries, such as the role of the thymus in restoring immune systems after bone marrow transplants, the pathophysiology of graft-versus-host disease (when donor cells in the bone marrow transplant attack the patient’s organs) and how microorganisms living in the intestine influence the success of bone marrow transplants. His work has led to new therapeutic strategies and better treatment options.