John van der Oost

Titels Prof. dr.
Initials J.
Main position Hoogleraar WUR
Disciplines Biobased economy
Chair Moleculaire microbiologie / bacteriële genetica
Domain Natural Sciences and Engineering
Membership Member
Since 2017
Chair of Beijerinck Virology Fund
Member of Natural Sciences and Engineering
Employed by Wageningen University & Research
Laboratory of Microbiology, Helix building, room 5044
Stippeneng 4
6708 WE Wageningen
tel.  0317 483 108
Personal website

For the past 25 years, John van der Oost has been at the forefront of international research on the genetic material of bacteria and other micro-organisms. Ten years ago, he and his research group were the first to explain the mechanism behind the CRISPR-Cas immune system in bacteria. Thanks to their discovery, researchers were able to develop a new tool for targeted genetic modification. Van der Oost recently unravelled a second bacterial immune system that will make further additions to the genetic toolkit possible. His findings are driving the development of gene therapy, i.e. the repair of genetic disorders.