Bram Nauta

Titels Prof. dr. ir.
Initials B.
Main position Hoogleraar UT
Disciplines Measurement and control engineering
  Telecommunication engineering
Chair Integrated Circuit Design
Domain Natural Sciences and Engineering
Membership Member
Since 2017
Member of Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering
Member of Natural Sciences and Engineering
Employed by Universiteit Twente
Faculteit Elektrotechniek, Wiskunde en Informatica, IC Design Laboratory
Postbus 217
7500 AE Enschede
tel.  053 489 2655
Personal website

Bram Nauta designs and builds computer chips. Fitted with filters, amplifiers and noise cancellation technology, they can be found in smartphones, tablets and computers. Nauta and his team research and produce inventive designs that help improve chip functionality. He is the inventor of the ‘Nauta circuit’, an energy-efficient signal amplifier that formed the basis of Bluetooth. He also developed thermal noise cancellation technology long before it turned out to be useful in smartphones. Nauta previously worked for Philips Research and became a professor at the tender age of 34.