Marcel Visser

Titels Prof. dr.
Initials M.E.
Main position Buitengewoon hoogleraar Ecologische genetica WUR / Hoofd afd. Dierecologie NIOO
Disciplines Genetics
  Animal ethology, animal psychology
Chair Seizoenstiming van gedrag / Ecological genetics
Domain Natural Sciences and Engineering
Chair of Dr J.L. Dobberke Foundation for Comparative Psychology
Member of Natural Sciences and Engineering
Employed by Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie
Centrum voor Terrestrische Ecologie
Postbus 50
6700 AB Wageningen
tel.  0317 473 439
Personal website

Marcel Visser was one of the first researchers to demonstrate how climate change disrupts the plant and animal food chain. One of his discoveries is that when oaks bear leaves earlier in spring, the food supply of winter moth caterpillars also peaks before time and the great tits that depend on them arrive too late to find caterpillars to feed their fledglings. Visser’s research is exceptional in that it combines different biological disciplines, from the genetics of organisms to populations and ecosystems, and from field trials to lab experiments and models.