Art-Knowledge #4: Arts & Education

31 May 2018 from 19:30 to 23:00 hrs
Literair Theater Perdu, Kloveniersburgwal 86, 1012 CZ Amsterdam
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How can the contemporary arts contribute to education? And how do artists and teachers respond to the issues of today?

The final evening of the Art Knowledge series will introduce three different proposals by artists, curators and designers that challenge traditional views of education by drawing on the rich tradition of radical artistic pedagogies. All three proposals explore how the arts and new forms of education impact the everyday lives of the inhabitants of Amsterdam. 

Designer Jurgen Bey will begin by investigating The City as a Campus and how education gives shape to the city. What influence do new educational environments and large numbers of students have on Amsterdam as a knowledge-driven economy?

Two curators will then propose their new educational models. Josien Pieterse will explain Ex-centric Public Cultures, emphasising social engagement, and Amal Alhaag will describe her project Pedagogies of the Opaque, in which she has come up with a radical design for collective learning processes.

Artist Jorge Lucero will then present his vision of the teacher as a conceptual artist.

Finally, urban sociologist René Boer will look in detail at the new campus that is being created on Zeeburgereiland.


  • Jurgen Bey is a designer, director of the Sandberg Institute, and a member of the board of the Society of Arts.
  • Marijke Hoogenboom is a professor at Amsterdam University of the Arts.
  • Jorge Lucero is an artist affiliated with the School of Art + Design at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
  • Josien Pieterse is the co-founder of Network Democracy and Framer Framed.
  • Amal Alhaag is a curator and cultural programmer.
  • René Boer works on the intersection of architecture, urbanism, heritage and art, is part of the Non-fiction collective and managing-editor at the research studio Failed Architecture.


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About Art-Knowledge (KunstKennis)

What can the sciences learn from the arts (the visual and performing arts, literature, architecture, music, etc.)? And what can the arts learn from academia? The Academy and ARIAS are organising a series of four evening events in which artists and researchers show, perform and lecture on the way art research operates at the interface of art and academia –from new ways of writing to new concepts of wellbeing, experimental forms for studying major climate issues and experiments in education.