Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal Award Ceremony and Symposium

Phases in Transition

25 January 2016 from 15:00 to 17:30 hrs
KNAW, Trippenhuis, Amsterdam
+31 20 551 0987
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Symposium focusing on the research of Daan Frenkel, laureate of the 2015 Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal. He will receive the medal for the outstanding contribution that his creative computer simulations have made to the development of phase theory, the science that studies the behaviour of matter under changing circumstances.


    • Entropy strikes back again by Marjolein Dijkstra, Professor of Computer Simulations of Soft Condensed Matter at Utrecht University
    • The Puzzle of Self Assembly and the Self Assembly of Puzzles by Professor Daan Frenkel ForMemRS, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge and winner of the Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal 2015
    • Interfacial Tension of Nanodroplets by George Jackson, Professor of Chemical Physics at Imperial College London
    • A soft spot for hard particles by Bela Mulder, Leader of Theory of Biomolecular Matter Group at AMOLF
    • Laudatio by Henk Lekkerkerker, Emeritus Professor of Physical Chemistry at Utrecht University and chair of jury, and presentation of the Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal by Ben Feringa

    About the Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal

    The Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal is awarded to researchers who have made significant contributions to phase theory, the science that studies the behaviour of matter under changing circumstances of pressure, temperature and composition. Phase theory can be applied in physical chemistry, physics, metallurgy, geochemistry, and astrophysics. The medal was established in 1911 to recognise the work of the physicist Prof. H.W. Bakhuis Roozeboom (1854-1907).