Gay rights as human rights? Western interventions and the backlash elsewhere

21 March 2017 from 19:00 to 21:00 hrs
Amsterdam Public Library [Openbare Bibliotheek van Amsterdam], Theaterzaal OBA, seventh floor, Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 DL Amsterdam
+31 20 551 0782
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Western intervention in support of gay rights in Africa and Asia, for example, often evokes hostile reactions. Western support often seems to turn gays in non-Western countries into stooges of Western imperialism. 

Even if campaigns by international NGOs take place in dialogue with local activists, there are almost always unbalanced power relationships because of financial inequality. How can we prevent well-intentioned transnational LGBT activism from backfiring on the people it wants to help? There will be contributions by speakers from Cameroon, Uganda, India, and China.

Photo Regis Samba-Kounzi

Speakers (the language for the event will be English)

  • Sudeep Dasgupta, associate professor, University of Amsterdam – The Paradoxes of Individual Freedom and Sexual Rights
  • Alice Nkom, lawyer, Cameroon – An Urgent Task for the New Millennium: African LGBTIQs have to be included in Universal Human Rights
  • Stella Nyanzi, professor of medical anthropology, Makerere University Uganda – Examining Why Many Africans Find Gay Rights Abhorrent: A Reading from Uganda
  • Lucetta Kam, assistant professor, Hong Kong Baptist University – Struggling Between the State and the 'International': Doing LGBT Activism in China

Moderators: Peter Geschiere, University of Amsterdam, member of the Academy, and Rachel Spronk, University of Amsterdam.