Internationaal Symposium Names in the Economy III

11 June 2009  -  13 June 2009
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The third edition of the symposium Names in the Economy will be organized by the Meertens Instituut in Amsterdam from 11-13 June 2009.

The theme of this edition is: Names as language and capital. <br/><br/>This third symposium continues the tradition of the 'Names in the Economy' meetings held in Antwerp in 2006 and in Vienna in 2007. During these meetings results from ongoing research have been presented and the communication between scholars from various disciplines has been intensified. The objectives of the symposium in 2009 in Amsterdam are to extend the interdisciplinary dialogue, to explore new fields in onomastics (i.e. the scientific study of names) and to elevate the scientific and societal relevance of this academic discipline.