Second KNAW NWO PhD Event

5 June 2014  -  5 November 2014
Trippenhuis Building, Kloveniersburgwal 29, 1011 JV Amsterdam
+31 20 551 0783
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The scientific cooperation between China and the Netherlands dates back more than thirty years. It started with just one programme in 1980. Now in 2014 we have a full portfolio of strategic programmes. Throughout the years, training of talented young researchers has always been an important aim.

PhD candidates from both China and Netherlands are involved in all our programmes, both specific PhD programmes and any of the joint research programmes. They benefit from the complementary expertise of excellent scientists in the two countries while getting to know the science system in both countries. They build closer ties and a lasting cooperation, forming a network of ambassadors for the Sino-Dutch research cooperation.

The PhD event is organised for this group of young researchers. Like the first PhD event, we offer  interesting and challenging disputes and workshops, a keynote speech of an international expert, lectures with very practical information for your PhD project and your future career and a lot of opportunity to get to know each other. 


Disputes are about the exchange of ideas and views about a specific subject in a small group. Two speakers will give their vision, after which the participants will discuss the subject looking at it from different scientific disciplines. No powerpoints. All participants are equal and can freely express their views and opinions.

  1. Expectations of PhD and promoter
    Working as a Chinese PhD candidate in the Netherlands means adjusting to the Dutch scientific system. What is expected of you by this system and by your promoter?
  2. Academic freedom and ethics
    Doing research and publishing the results, brings responsibilities. How to handle these responsibilities and conflicting situations that may occur?


Workshops are practical in design and give in a short amount of time direction, tips and trics to broader subjects. In a small group with one instructor the participants will actively work on a subject and at the end will be able to put their new skills into practice.

  1. Scientific writing (natural and life sciences)
    In this workshop you will get tips and trics you can use in the process of writing on research within the natural and life sciences.
  2. Scientific writing (social sciences and humanities)
    In this workshop you will get tips and trics you can use in the process of writing on research within the social sciences and humanities.
  3. Creative thinking for PhDs
    In this workshop you will get tips and tricks you can use in the process of writing.
  4. Pitching and networking
    In this workshop you will learn how to present yourself and your research in a clear and inspiring way.