Viscous space, the offshore physicality of the North Sea between solid and liquid

20 June 2018  -  22 June 2018
Delft University of Technology
015 278 4192
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The interdisciplinary conference invites researchers to develop a new perspective on the North Sea as an integral part of our historical urban realm and the site of unfolding urbanization processes.

The North Sea is targeted for 'Blue Growth', renewable energy production and is subject to EU-wide maritime planning directives. Unsustainable industrial logic and sectorial/ nationalist divisions have dominated these processes over the last 50 years, placing ecological systems under increased pressure. The conference aims to explore this historical evolution from the perspective of the sea towards the land and to develop new methods of addressing urbanized maritime areas.

How are processes of ocean urbanization reshaping our regional economic, social, cultural, and human environments both at sea and on land? Which tools, methods and frameworks can help re-conceptualize the sea-space and restore its cultural relevance?

In particular regarding:

  • physical conditions; ecology, infrastructure and artifacts
  • legal and theoretical constructions
  • narratives, representations and projections
  • heritage debates

Keynote speakers and internationally recognized experts include specialists on the North Sea itself as well as contributions that position this case-study within a wider historical, geographical and sociocultural context. 

The official language during of the conference is English.


This event is being sponsored by the KNAW Conference Grants Fund.