Workshops Academy PhD Event 2015 – How to grow a PhD

On 11 June 2015 the Academy will organise the Academy PhD Event How to grow a PhD, meant for all 170 PhD students working at Academy institutes.

Claartje van Sijl, Van Sijl Counseling & Training: Socratic dialogue: What is a PhD anyway?

How you answer the question 'What is a PhD anyway?' has a far-reaching influence on your definition of success, on your motivation and self-confidence, on the way you engage with your research project, and on how you position yourself with respect to others.

This workshop does not provide a definitive answer but encourages you to think. Using the Socratic method, we investigate your initial answers to the question 'What is a PhD anyway?'. Do you consider your PhD a process, or a product? Is it your life's work, a stepping stone, an academic ritual…? You will leave the workshop with the ability to reflect on your own PhD. Having greater clarity and a broader understanding of your own views will open the door to new perspectives on your PhD venture, your motivators, and your post-PhD story.

Claartje van Sijl is a philosophical career counsellor. Her PhD in philosophy combined with her training as a certified coach enable her to work with career issues on a deeper level. She has worked for the Academy for several years. For more information:  

Marjorie van der Kruijs, Academy: The Seven Sources of Happiness at Work: To enjoy work and perform well

Everyone knows what it feels like to enjoy your work: to complete a difficult task, master new skills, be recognised for what you do and who you are. When you enjoy your work, your performance soars. At such times, there is a perfect fit between organisational and individual demands. Enjoying work and performing well: the two go hand-in-hand.

And yet happiness at work is not something to be taken for granted. There is a risk that you’re wasting a lot of energy during your working hours. If your workload is too demanding, if you feel that you're completely on your own, or if you have a difficult working relationship with your supervisor, you will end up feeling drained.

In this workshop, you will get acquainted with The Seven Sources of Happiness at Work as a tool for personal reflection and growth towards more happiness at work.

Marjorie van der Kruijs is a consultant and coach and has been giving workshops on The Seven Sources of Happiness at Work for government, educational and Academy institutes for more than ten years. She works part time for the Academy. For more information:

Elly van de Braak, De Sterke Punten (The Strengths): Identity and how we perceive each other

Many studies show that identity and clothing are intimately linked. The dynamic interaction of self, body and dress expresses your identity to the outside world, and also acts on and reinforces that identity. Dress in a certain way and you will feel and behave accordingly. How do you want to be perceived? Is the message you convey based on who you are and what you want to achieve? And if not, how can you change it?

During the workshop, you will explore your own identity and how to reveal it to others. You will pinpoint the essence of your personality and your profession, your traits, what you wish to project, and what style you find appealing. We will use a mirror to help you discover your strengths, but we will also look at practical matters: which styles and colours suit you best, and how you can take these into account in varying contexts, depending on the impression that you want to make.

Elly van de Braak is much in demand as an adviser and coach for government, higher education and the consultancy world. She has already presented this workshop for the Academy a number of times, with great success. For more information: 

Ariëlle Brouwer, Brouwer Training: Finding your voice: How to be true to yourself, speak up and be heard

In this workshop, you will work on your professional performance through voice work, body language and embodiment techniques based on theatre, martial arts and meditation. By means of practical, lively and creative exercises you will learn to present yourself in a convincing and authentic way. You will experience how it is to make an impact using your voice and body, and what to do to handle your nerves. You will come to see what sort of impression you make on others, explore what impression you would like to make, and do practical exercises designed to align the two. This will allow you to work on your personal leadership skills so that you can speak up and be heard while staying true to yourself.

Ariëlle Brouwer coaches and develops workshops and training courses for professionals (including academics) focusing on careers, leadership and communication. She draws on her background in the theatre, martial arts training, and her extensive experience as a trainer and coach. For more information:  

Linda van der Wal, Training en Advies: How to manage your supervisor

You’re bursting with good ideas and you want to do work that matters, so a good relationship with your supervisor is essential. But that isn’t always easy. For example, how do you deal with hierarchy? How do you avoid miscommunication? And how do you get people to actually listen to your ideas? Even if your relationship with your supervisor is a good one, there's almost always room for improvement. In this workshop, you’ll work with a stepwise plan that not only helps you achieve more but also boosts your relationship with your supervisor or supervisors.

The overall concept is based on the pioneering Harvard Business Review article 'Managing your boss'. The insights that you gain in this workshop will be useful throughout your career, in every relationship that you have with a manager or other influential person.

Linda van der Wal has a background in social science and more than ten years of experience as an independent trainer and coach. She has helped thousands of smart professionals increase their impact, develop their leadership skills and take the next step in their career. For more information:

Marlou Kleve, Coaching en Mindfulness: Managing your stress: Practice makes perfect!

Everyone has too much on their plate these days. When you’re preoccupied with all sorts of things, you tend to fall back on automatic behaviour and thought patterns that repeat themselves over and over. You’re not thinking about the present, but about the past (what you could or should have done differently) or the future (what could happen, anticipation or worry). As long as you are stuck in a pattern of rushing and worrying, you block your creativity and waste loads of energy. Stopping and stepping away from the pattern will reboot your entire system and give you the space you need to decide for yourself how you want to continue. Being able to ‘step away’ requires you to train your brain. You train your mind to focus in a more open, friendlier manner, so that you are less easily distracted and feel calmer. You see through your own patterns and are capable of letting go of them, allowing you to make choices that you believe in. This workshop will help you get started. You’ll learn a few short, practical exercises that you can immediately put into practice.

Marlou Kleve coaches and gives training courses in mindfulness to students and PhD candidates, private individuals, and businesses. For more information: