Academy encourages joint research efforts

5 December 2016

In its Strategic Agenda for 2016-2020, Science and Scholarship Connect, the Academy Board has undertaken to foster closer connections between its core activities, both internally and with parties outside the Academy. One of the steps it has taken is to encourage joint research. A sum of 1.5 million euros is being made available for that purpose. 

To obtain funding, Academy institutes must submit research proposals that involve collaboration with other research institutes, whether or not they are part of the Academy organisation. Another important criterion is that the proposal must be consistent with the Dutch National Research Agenda.

The funds will be awarded in competition, with up to 500,000 euros being available per project. The first three research proposals have already been selected.

The multicultural drama in perspective: the life course of migrants and non-migrants in the Netherlands over the past forty years

This research proposal was submitted by two Academy institutes, the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute and the International Institute of Social History. The project’s purpose is to gain more insight into the integration of the children of immigrants by linking socio-economic and cultural aspects. The project will examine differences in social mobility between young people with a migrant background and native Dutch contemporaries who have a similar socio-economic status. For more information, see

Next-generation miniaturized microscopes for high-throughput screening and decoding neural correlates of naturalistic behaviour

This research proposal was submitted by two Academy institutes, the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO). The researchers are working to develop multifaceted, portable miniaturised microscopes that will contribute to solving medical, ecological and neuroscientific problems. They are building on open-source initiatives, for example the miniature fluorescence microscope ( under development at the University of California, Los Angeles. For more information, see the website of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience.

Tribunal archives as digital research facility

This research proposal was submitted by two Academy institutes and the National Archives of the Netherlands. The Academy institutes are the Huygens Institute for Netherlands History and the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies. The purpose of the project is to develop an efficient and effective method for turning large quantities of unstructured analogue data in archive collections into useful digital research data. The project is meant to build a bridge between the digital humanities and institutions that manage collections. For more information, see