Visit from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

24 April 2013

On 19 April 2012 professor Wang Weiguang, executive vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, visited the KNAW in Amsterdam.

He was in the Netherlands with a CASS delegation to speak with Dutch scientists about ‘the welfare state in the context of the financial crisis’. The delegation was received by KNAW’s vice President Pearl Dykstra. During their stay in the Netherlands, the Chinese scientists  also visited the Netherlands Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis (CPB), the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR), Leiden University and NWO.

The visit of the Chinese delegation builds on over thirty years of scientific cooperation between the Netherlands and China. KNAW and CASS are long-term partners in the China Exchange Programme, aiming to stimulate scientific collaboration and mobility of researchers between the two countries. They recently expanded their cooperation, together with NWO, with the Joint Scientific Thematic Research Programme. CASS, NWO and KNAW were also partners within the multilateral CO-REACH (Coordination of Research between Europe and China). The visit of the CASS delegation, coordinated by KNAW and NWO, has further strengthened the ties between the organisations.