2011 Casimir-Ziegler Research Grants for Cecília Salgado and Matthias Kortmann

1 April 2011

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Science and Arts have awarded the Hendrik Casimir-Karl Ziegler Research Grants for 2011 to Cecília Salgado and Matthias Kortmann.

Both academies make an annual grant available to a young postdoc researcher.
The grant covers a one-year stay as a visiting researcher at a university or research institution in the other country. The awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday 6 April in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Dr Cecília Salgado (born 1982) is a postdoc at Leiden University and received her PhD from the Université de Paris VII in 2009. Her research focuses on arithmetic algebraic geometry, a branch of mathematics in which the object is to identify how many solutions there are to a system of equations or to limit the number of solutions by means of the system’s geometric properties. Salgado has proposed theorems for systems that describe high-dimensional geometric objects and has already achieved impressive results. The grant will allow her to continue her research at the Max Planck Institute in Bonn.

Dr Matthias Kortmann (born 1979) is a postdoc researcher at the Zentrum Für Niederlande-Studien at the University of Münster (Germany). In 2010, he received his PhD summa cum laude from the same university at the Institute for Politicology. Kortmann’s research involves comparing the attitudes of migrant organisations in Germany and the Netherlands toward integration. In other words, how do such organisations position themselves in the public debate on integration and segregation, what are their views on successful integration, and how do they see their role as lobbyists when it comes to integration issues? Matthias Kortmann will spend a year at the University of Amsterdam’s Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES).

The grants
The Casimir-Ziegler grants are named after the first president of the Royal Netherlands Academyof Arts and Sciences, Professor Hendrik Casimir, and the first president of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy, Professor Karl Ziegler. The two academies award annual grants to a young postdoc, one from the Netherlands and one from North Rhine-Westphalia. The grants (EUR 50,000 maximum) are awarded to researchers working alternately in the humanities and social sciences and the natural and life sciences.

Note for editors
You are cordially invited to attend the awards ceremony for the Hendrik Casimir–Karl Ziegler Research Grants. The ceremony will take place on Wednesday 6 April at 6 p.m. The venue is the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Science and Arts in Düsseldorf. Please RSVP by e-mailing awk@awk.nrw.de