Images related to Karin Scheper's research, De la Court Prize 2016

Book conservator Karin Scheper will receive the Royal Academy’s De la Court Prize this year for her dissertation on the Islamic bookbinding tradition. The prize, € 7500, is awarded for unpaid, independent research.

The De la Court Prize will be presented at the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) on 13 February 2017, during a symposium dedicated to the study of the book as an object.

Click on the image for a high-resolution version. If you publish the image, please credit: Karin Scheper/UB Leiden.

A much-used and much-repaired eighteenth-century prayer book and bag from North Africa.

Fourteenth-century collection of Egyptian or Syrian texts by the scholar Al-Ghazali; binding with characteristic envelope flap and textile doublure.

A manuscript dating from 1562, The book of the knowledge of mechanical devices; the opening shows a special variation on link-stitch sewing.

A miscellany containing texts in Arabic and Turkish, with knotted silk page-markers attached to the fore-edge of certain leaves to facilitate browsing.