Knowledge Security Desk and Guideline

31 January 2022

It is vital that Dutch knowledge institutions cooperate securely with foreign knowledge institutions and companies. For this reason, the Dutch government is introducing its new Knowledge Security Desk to help everyone who works or studies at a knowledge institution. Robbert Dijkgraaf, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, today launched this new advisory desk on behalf of the government.

In addition to the advisory desk, the National Guideline on Knowledge Security (in Dutch) was also published today. This document was compiled by the Dutch knowledge field together with central government to provide guidance and answers to questions about knowledge security in international scientific cooperation.

The Academy has been working on the subject for years and also contributed to this Guideline. The Guideline and the Knowledge Security Desk are intended to provide researchers, but especially administrators too, with tools for secure international cooperation. That also means being aware of the risks and of the means to protect against and to deal with such risks. The starting point remains that international cooperation is desirable, also for international relations, and is vital for science. That also applies to cooperation with countries such as China. With regard to the value of academic freedom too, our starting point is: cooperate where possible, regulate where safety requires it.

The Guideline and other information can be found at (in Dutch).