Press release

Launch of major pilot fund: Science communication by scientists: Appreciated!

29 October 2020

The launch of the pilot fund ‘Appreciated!’, set up by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, means that one million euros will be made available for the recognition and appreciation of researchers who have been working on science communication for some time. In total, an allocation from the fund is possible for about a hundred groups of researchers.

The days when science communication was only the domain of journalists and communication staff are over. Nowadays, most researchers also see science communication as part of their work. Most of this work, however, is in addition to a packed education and research agenda. Interaction with society is particularly important in these times, when institutions are being critically examined.

That is why Ingrid van Engelshoven, Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, is making more than one million euros available for a fund that is intended to contribute to the recognition of science communication as an integral part of the tasks of scientists. The fund is intended to provide insight into the diversity of science communication activities and the added value for Dutch science. The pilot fund is administered by the Academy.

About the fund

All deans of faculties of Dutch universities receive a call in mid-October to submit an application for € 10,000 for a group of scientists within their institution who are demonstrably committed to science communication. These resources may be used by these scientists as they see fit to support their science communication activities.

Applications may be submitted until 15 January 2021. The pilot fund ‘Appreciated!’ is in line with another method of assessing scientists that has recently been introduced by the Dutch knowledge field and in which science communication is recognised as an integral part of an academic career.