Plan S: a video of the meeting is now available

6 November 2018

A meeting to discuss Plan S took place in Amersfoort on 1 November 2018. A video of the meeting is now available.

The Academy held a meeting on 1 November to discuss Plan S by a coalition of national funding agencies, which was signed by the NWO on behalf of the Netherlands. Read the programme (in Dutch, PDF).

Robert-Jan Smits, the EU’s Open Access Envoy and initiator of Plan S, was present at the meeting. After an introduction by Stan Gielen, chairman of the NWO, he made a number of additional remarks. Researchers from four different fields then gave their views on Plan S, and there was an extensive discussion between the panel members and the audience. Watch the presentations and discussions at the meeting.

Plan S and the Academy

Plan S is an initiative by cOALition S, a group of European national research funding bodies supported by the European Commission and the European Research Council. The Academy is not a research funding body and is therefore not part of cOALiton S, nor is it a signatory to Plan S.

The Academy advocates promoting open access to scientific publications and speeding up the transition to open access. Together with the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) and the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science the Academy expressed support at an early stage for NWO to speed up the transition to the entirely open-access publication of articles resulting from publicly funded research.

In the course of debate on open access, the Academy has argued consistently in recent years that the transition is complex, and that account must be taken of the different publication cultures within the various scientific domains, the role of journals published by learned societies, experience gained with existing open access journals, the attractiveness of the Netherlands as a country for talented foreign researchers to work, and the position of Dutch researchers in international collaborative ventures and the acquisition of grants.

Based on this vision and constructive but critical attitude, the Academy organised the discussion meeting on 1 November in close consultation with the NWO. The underlying intention was to facilitate an exchange of ideas and to offer points for consideration when developing a realistic plan for implementing Plan S.

Robert-Jan Smits also announced that an online consultation regarding Plan S would also be launched at the end of November. EU citizens will then be able to provide input. The Academy, in consultation with the NWO, intends organising another public meeting on the implementation plan. You can keep abreast of this via our newsletter (in Dutch).