Plan S consultation meeting

11 December 2018

NWO and ZonMw will be organising a consultation meeting on the implementation of Plan S on 31 January 2019. The meeting is being held in cooperation with the Academy and VSNU. After Plan S was announced in September 2018, a public debate ensued concerning the best way for Dutch research to make the transition to open access. Leading the debate are researchers, who often support the objective of open access but are concerned about whether the details of Plan S support that objective.

At the moment, cOAlition S – an international group of research funding bodies that includes NWO – has launched consultations about the Plan S implementation process. As part of the consultation process, NWO and ZonMw want to talk to researchers and other stakeholders about the guidelines recently published by cOAlition S. The input from this meeting will then be included in the Europe-wide consultation process. 

cOAlition S has already indicated that researchers can submit their feedback up to and including 1 February. As it was not possible to organise the meeting before 31 January, it has been agreed with cOAlition S that the submission period for Dutch feedback will be extended slightly. Researchers can therefore now submit their input up to and including 6 February 2019.

The consultation meeting, which will take place in Utrecht, will give speakers an opportunity to explain both the opportunities offered by Plan S and concerns about its implementation. In addition, those attending will have the chance to provide feedback and to discuss what they believe are the most important points of concern. 

The organisers are working on the programme, which will be announced shortly.


You can register for the meeting on the NWO website. You will receive the programme after registering.