e-Humanities programme gets started

3 February 2011

With its e-Humanities programme, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) aims to increase understanding of the possibilities opened up by information technology for the humanities and social sciences and to bring together researchers in that field.

Working with university colleagues, researchers at the various Academy institutes will develop innovative theories and tools. The programme runs until 2015.

The work will focus on two themes: Computational Humanities and Cultures of e-Humanities.

Computational Humanities means the development of tools, methods, and approaches for collecting, storing, processing, documenting, and presenting data.

Cultures of e-Humanities involves research into the impact of innovation on the way those engaged in the humanities and social sciences conduct their research.

The Future of Books. Photo: Kyle Bean© The Future of Books - Kyle Bean (http://www.kylebean.co.uk/)

The e-Humanities programme is directed by Prof. Sally Wyatt, with Dr Andrea Scharnhorst as the scientific coordinator for Computational Humanities. The group also includes Dr Anne Beaulieu (KNAW), Prof. Jan Kok (Radboud University Nijmegen/International Institute of Social History-KNAW), and Dr Charles van den Heuvel (Huygens Institute-KNAW). Jeannette Haagsma is responsible for coordination and Anja de Haas will staff the secretarial department.