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Start of national study into congenital heart disease

3 September 2020

About one in every hundred babies is born with congenital heart disease, of which many develop cardiovascular problems at a later age. Therefore, a large national study into congenital heart disease is launched. The goal of this project is to enable more people with ‘construction errors’ in the heart to grow old healthy. 

The project – worth three million euros in total – is financed by the Dutch Heart Foundation and Stichting Hartekind. Jeroen Bakkers, group leader at the Hubrecht Institute, is one of the leaders of the project. 

Due to better healthcare and conducting surgery at a young age, survival rates of children with congenital heart disease have improved drastically. However, cardiovascular issues can arise later in life. 'The pumping strength of the heart can deteriorate, or cardiac arrythmias can occur', explains pediatric cardiologist and project leader Wim Helbing (Erasmus MC). 'We do not yet understand how that happens, but this project allows us to investigate that further in order to gain insight into what can be done about it”.

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