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STRIP-1 test robot receives prestigious Prix Galien Excellence COVID-19 Award

27 May 2021

The STRIP-1 test robot, developed by the Hubrecht Institute and biotechnology company Genmab, received the prestigious Excellence COVID-19 Award during the online ceremony of the Prix Galien Awards on 18 May 2021. The test robot processes up to 20.000 samples per 24 hours for testing for SARS-CoV-2 and was officially put into operation in January 2021. 

“The scale-up turned out to be able to share knowledge openly and also complete the necessary technical validation and qualification in record time,” said the jury.

Every year, Prix Galien The Netherlands presents various awards for pioneering research and the development of innovative products. This year also saw the launch of the Prix Galien Excellence COVID-19 Award, intended for an initiative that has made efforts to combat the corona virus. During an online ceremony on 18 May, the award was presented to the Hubrecht Institute and Genmab for the development of the STRIP-1 test robot. Marvin Tanenbaum – one of the initiators, together with colleague Wouter de Laat and with Martijn Bosch and Rob Ruijtenbeek from Genmab – received the award. “It is wonderful recognition for our joint and selfless initiative to use our knowledge to help society in the battle against the corona virus,” said Wouter de Laat on behalf of the four initiators.

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