Call for papers

Vienna 1815: the Making of a European Security Culture

15 August 2013

The Congres of Vienna was a milestone in European history. Following from the effervescent Congress of Vienna, the European powers not only established elementary conditions for the protection of the 'status quo' and the regulation of inter-state conflict through political equilibrium – as literature on this era has it – but also created a 'Pax Europeana', in which common European interests had to be defended together.

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Dutch Young Academy will organise a conference on the Congress of Vienna on 5-7 November 2014 in Amsterdam.

This conference - an initiative of Prof. Beatrice de Graaf - aims to rethink the significance of the Congress of Vienna by exploring the nexus between international relations, politics and security culture.

Call for papers

Paper proposals (300 words) should reach the conference committee by 1 October 2013 by e-mail:

The committee invites proposals on any relevant topic related to the central theme of this conference: the significance and legacy of the Congress of Vienna. Suggestions for papers or panels are:

  • 1815 and its professional agents
  • 1815 and its new institutions (Ambassador’s congress, anti-piracy commission, committee on the navigation of the Danube etc.)
  • 1815 in the public sphere (Commemorations, celebration of war heroes, Waterloo, masses)
  • 1815 and its legacy (in research, autobiographies, canonical literature etc.; culture, memory, legal framework for international law, ‘long peace’).

As soon as the proposals have been selected, the Committee will invite the speakers to submit their paper in advance, in order to discuss them in more depth during the conference.

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