Young researchers receive Heineken Young Scientists Awards

23 May 2018

The KNAW has announced the names of the four young researchers who will receive the 2018 Heineken Young Scientists Awards. Socio-legal scholar Maartje van der Woude, neuropsychologist Marie-José van Tol, biochemist Joost Snijder and earth scientist Peter Bijl will take possession of their awards on Thursday 27 September 2018 in Amsterdam.


Maartje van der Woude, professor of Law and Society at Leiden University.

Professor Maartje van der Woude (37) is receiving the 2018 Heineken Young Scientists Award in the Humanities for investigating the interplay between the law and public debate concerning such issues as terrorism, migration, and cross-border crime. 

Social Sciences

Marie-José van Tol, researcher at University Medical Center Groningen

Dr Marie-José van Tol (37) is receiving the 2018 Heineken Young Scientists Award in the Social Sciences for studying the many factors that contribute to depression and other psychiatric disorders. 

Medical/Biomedical Sciences

Joost Snijder, independent researcher and research consultant.

Dr Joost Snijder (29) is receiving the 2018 Heineken Young Scientists Award in the Medical/Biomedical Sciences for using advanced microscopic techniques to study the molecular mechanisms of viruses. 

Natural Sciences

Peter Bijl, researcher at Utrecht University.

Dr Peter Bijl (34) is receiving the 2018 Heineken Young Scientists Award in the Natural Sciences for researching the relationship between atmosphere, oceans and ecosystems in the Antarctic over the past 80 million years. 

Awards ceremony 

The 2018 Heineken Young Scientists Awards will be presented on Thursday 27 September 2018 during an extraordinary meeting of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences at the Muziekgebouw ’t IJ concert hall in Amsterdam. The six biennial Heineken Prizes for Arts and Sciences will be presented on the same occasion. The Academy announced the names of the Heineken Prize winners in March and April. 

About the Heineken Young Scientists Awards 

The Heineken Young Scientists Awards offer vital encouragement to young researchers whose outstanding achievements set an example for other young scientists and scholars.

As of 2018, four awards will be conferred, one in each of the following domains: Humanities, Social Sciences, Medical/Biomedical Sciences and Natural Sciences. 

Each of the winners receives a sculpture designed by Amsterdam-based artist Jeroen Henneman and EUR 10,000. The Heineken Prizes are funded by the Dr H.P. Heineken Foundation and the Alfred Heineken Fondsen Foundation.