Descartes-Huygens Prize to two nanoscientists

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  • Using mini-livers to study liver disease Nov 30, 2018

    Researchers from the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and The Rockefeller University in New York, USA, have developed a method by which they can grow liver cells into mini-livers in the lab. These mini-livers can be used to study viral infections of the liver (such as hepatitis B and C) and hereditary liver diseases. 

  • Ten new members for The Young Academy Nov 22, 2018

    Ten scientists and scholars working in a variety of disciplines will be inducted into The Young Academy in 2019. These talented researchers share a broad interest in research, science policy and science communication. Membership is for a five-year period. The new members will be inducted on 21 March 2019.

  • Academy Institutes Research Fund awards for third time Nov 15, 2018

    For the third year in succession, the Academy Institutes Research Fund has awarded grants to three new research proposals. The three proposals are an historical study of social mobility among Dutch Jews, research on how changes in the life cycle impact health, and an investigation of brain disorders. 

  • Descartes-Huygens Prize for art conservation researcher and literary scholar Nov 08, 2018

    French art conservation researcher Marine Cotte and literary scholar Katell Lavéant have won the 2018 Descartes-Huygens Prize. The two specialists have received the award for their outstanding research and their contribution to Franco-Dutch cooperation. The prize, € 23,000, makes it possible for them to continue their respective research collaborations.

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