Functioning of microphytobenthos in estuaries

Jacco C. Kromkamp, Jody F.C. de Brouwer, Gérard F. Blanchard, Rodney M. Forster, and Véronique Créach (eds.)

2006 | x + 262 pages | ISBN 90-6984-453-2 | Euro 65,00

Intertidal mudflats are an important component of estuaries and they fringe large areas of the European coastlines. They form natural barriers protecting coastal areas from the sea and are biologically highly productive areas representing important nursery and feeding grounds for higher organisms including birds, fish and shellfish. Microphytobenthos assemblages are an important biological component of intertidal mudflats. These unicellular algae are active in a thin surface layer (µm-mm scale) of the sediment that is subject to rapid fluctuations in light, temperature and salinity both over time and space. Microphytobenthos have a large impact on whole estuary functioning, for example, through their influence on the morphodynamics of coastal zones and by affecting sediment water nutrient exchange. Although basic knowledge exists about the physiology and ecology of these organisms and their roles in ecosystem functioning, a more thorough understanding of these processes necessitates an interdisciplinary approach. This volume provides a valuable and up to date contribution to our current understanding of the microbial ecology in estuarine intertidal areas. Contributors: T. Agion, M. Barnett, G.F. Blanchard, C. Brockmann, J. F.C. de Brouwer, L. B. Cahoon, K.R. Carman, B. Fry, R.M. Forster, R.N. Glud, J.-M. Guarini, O. Herlory, J.C. Kromkamp, C. Leterme, C.J. Macgregor, P. Maddi, L.K. Medlin, Th.R. Neu, J.L. Pinckney, P. Richard, L. Seuront, L.J. Stal, G.J. Underwood, B. Wissel Functioning of microphytobenthos in estuaries in pdf Instead of downloading the complete pdf, the book can also be downloaded in separate chapters: Preface, pdf 210 Kb The evolution of the diatoms and a report on the current status of their classification, pdf 249 Kb Developments in microphytobenthos primary productivity studies, pdf 497 Kb Microscale techniques to measure photosynthesis: A mini-review, pdf 347 Kb On the function of secretion of extracellular polymeric substances by benthic diatoms and their role in intertidal mudflats: A review of recent insights and views, pdf 373 Kb Use of primary production by harpacticoid copepods in a Louisiana salt-marsh food web, pdf 430 Kb Analysis of the short-term dynamics of microphytobenthos biomass on intertidal mudflats, pdf 351 Kb Upscaling primary production estimates: Regional and global scale estimates of microphytobenthos production, pdf 285 Kb Estimating benthic primary production: scaling up from point measurements to the whole estuary, pdf 363 Kb What determines species composition in microphytobenthic biofilms?, pdf 479 Kb System-scale nutrient fluctuations in Galveston Bay, Texas (USA), pdf 516 Kb Microscale patchiness in microphytobenthos distributions: evidence for a critical state, pdf 523 Kb Modelling the dynamics of the microphytobenthic biomass and primary production in European intertidal mudflats, pdf 755 Kb Qualitative methods offer insights into socio-economic and landuse: Influences on coastal environments, pdf 318 Kb Coastal management of estuarine environments: Application of remote sensing, pdf 378 Kb List of contributors, pdf 116 Kb