Humanities, computers and cultural heritage

Proceedings of the XVI international conference of the Association for History and Computing AHC

2005 | 308 pages | ISBN 90-6984-456-7 | free

'History & Computing' and 'Humanities Computing' are in a crucial phase of development. The cultural heritage sector is turning digital, and ever more archival and other historically relevant sources are becoming available online. As a result there is a need for innovative methods and techniques to process the flood of digital resources.

Currently, computer scientists show a keen interest in the information problems of cultural heritage and the humanities. Advances in grid computing and the semantic web are stimulating a new kind of e-Science. e-Culture, e-Humanities and even e-History. This volume contains about fifty contributions presented at the XVIth international conference of the Association for History and Computing, that took place in Amsterdam from September 14th till 17th 2005.

The conference papers are intended for an audience of historians and scholars from related humanities, computing scientists, and digitization experts from the heritage sector. Topics of the papers are: - Data access, retrieval and presentation - Enriching data - Images & multimedia - Geographical Information Systems - Qualitative & quantitative data analysis - Digitization of heritage information - Text analysis and retrieval - Theoretical, methodological and educational issues.

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