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  • Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences awarded to Guido Imbens Oct 11, 2021

    Guido Imbens, a foreign member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), is one of the three winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Economics. The Committee for the Prize made the announcement in Stockholm on 11 October 2021.

  • Academy calls for national coordination to get medication to patients faster Oct 05, 2021

    Dutch expertise in the field of drug development is too fragmented, with researchers’ efforts to get their discoveries to the patient being frustrated. National coordination is therefore needed to support researchers and promote cooperation. 

  • Anne Frank’s digitised manuscripts available in their entirety for the first time Sep 30, 2021

    The Vereniging voor Onderzoek en Ontsluiting van Historische Teksten (Association for Research and Access to Historical Texts) is launching a new online scholarly edition of the complete manuscripts of Anne Frank. For the first time, the original manuscripts that Anne Frank had hoped would make her a famous writer can be accessed in their entirety online and inspected in their historical context.

  • The academic year is too long and too full Sep 06, 2021

    The Dutch academic year is exceptionally long. This causes a high work pressure for instructors and students and leaves little time for research and other core scientific duties. The Young Academy compared the Dutch academic year with other countries and is making concrete recommendations for improvement.

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