Mission and vision

‘The Academy promotes, supports and recognises excellent science and interprets the results of research for the benefit of society. The Academy articulates the importance of scientific research, knowledge and understanding for the economic, physical, social and cultural good and the well-being of mankind.’

This is the Academy's mission. It also has consequences for how we organise ourselves. In our view, the strong scientific community required to fulfil this mission offers space and opportunities to everyone who can make a relevant contribution. That is a matter of justice and respect for equality and equal opportunities. It also promotes the quality of our science system, by not missing or excluding talent and by promoting diversity of perspectives where necessary. Diversity and inclusion are therefore highly valued by the Academy, The Young Academy, the Society of Arts and the Academy institutes. 

Equality and equal relations are about equal opportunities and possibilities for all, and also about fighting discrimination. Diversity refers to all visible and invisible characteristics, experiences and/or backgrounds in which groups of people can differ from each other. Inclusion refers to the creation of a working environment in which everyone participates equally, can be themselves, feels safe and is given space to develop. 

From visions to actions

From its role as guardian and interpreter of science, the Academy has contributed to the National Action Plan for greater diversity and inclusion in higher education and research adopted by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science in 2020. The Academy is also co-signatory of this National Action Plan. The Action Plan also underlines the positive relationship between quality of education and research and the pursuit of inclusion and diversity. 

That is why we at the Academy, The Young Academy, the Society of Arts and the institutes are committed to the positive promotion of diversity and inclusion. To achieve this, the Academy has adopted the following objectives for the period 2021-2025: 

Promoting the vision

Actively and consistently supporting and promoting the vision of the Academy, based on the principles of equality, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and mutual respect. We do this both within the Academy (in the academies and institutes) and externally, towards the entire scientific world, nationally and internationally, towards society and towards politics. 

Increasing awareness and knowledge

Stimulating and promoting awareness and knowledge of equality and equity, diversity and inclusion at all organisational levels within the academies and institutes and to anchor this in the organisation-wide culture.

Promoting an inclusive, open and safe working environment

Promoting a situation where members of the academies and staff, as well as visitors, can come to the Academy with a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences and feel welcome and valued. Promoting an organisational culture with room for open debate and where discrimination is not accepted.

Monitoring and evaluating

Establishing a monitoring and evaluation process on the selection of members of the academies and on the inflow, throughflow and outflow of staff in order to objectively measure progress regarding equality, diversity and inclusion. 

The above objectives will be translated into organisational choices, actions and measures.

It should be noted that the detailing will vary between the academies and institutes because of the difference in goals and tasks they face. The detailing may also vary between academies and institutes, given the differences in history, organisational culture and field of activity.