NIAS Seminar: Humanities IN the Creative Industries

31 maart 2011 van 11:00 tot 12:30 uur
NIAS, Meijboomlaan 1, 2242 PR Wassenaar
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On Thursday, 31 March 2011 at 11.00, Johan Hoorn, Lorentz Fellow 2010/11, will hold a seminar in NIAS’s Lecture Room about the role of humanities in the creative industries and vice versa:

With the change to a post-industrialised society, creative industries are booming. The term is a container for a broad variety of disciplines, ranging from classical ballet and the national concert hall to arty webshops and the blood and gore of first-person shooter games. There is a lot to be done in the area of content and cultural meaning, the impact of innovations on people and society, as well as the interaction with new creative forms both in technical and human senses. An abundance of opportunities awaits  new kinds of studies in the humanities, and a number of initiatives is flourishing, but the great venture into the unknown is still pending. 

Here are a few examples: philosophical aspects of identity formation in virtual communities; the effects of social media on political systems; occupational values of creative companies; intellectual property of crowd-sourced designs; the meaning of virtual reality in theater; interactive art and the autonomy of artworks; cultural heritage digitised; interpretation of non-linear storytelling; language use in mediated settings; identification with media figures and game characters. 

In the seminar we will explore together what the role of humanities can be in the creative industries and vice versa. Not only to study creativity but also to contribute to it. After an introductory lecture, we will start co-creating by playing “The Clouded Planet” game, the “Good-Bad” game,  and employing the Snow Ball method, the Value Changing method and the Trend Extrapolation method. The result will be an agenda for Humanities and the Creative Industries alike. 

The lecture will be followed by an open discussion. 

About the NIAS Seminar series

The NIAS Seminar series is a sequence of lectures organised each academic year by the Rector of the Institute. These seminars are meant to appeal to interested parties from a wide range of backgrounds. NIAS Seminars are aimed to encourage closer contact within the Dutch academic world.