NIAS Seminar Serie: Bodies of Information -- e-Health and Its Philosophical Implication

10 februari 2010
NIAS-KNAWMeijboomlaan 1, Wassenaar
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Luciano Floridi will give his interpretation of the information turn as a fourth revolution.

The fourth revolution was preceded by: the idea that humans are not immobile, and at the centre of the universe (Copernican revolution); the idea that humans are not unnaturally detached and diverse from the rest of the animal world (Darwinian revolution); the idea that humans are not Cartesian subjects entirely transparent to themselves (Freudian revolution). We are now coming to understand humans not as disconnected entities but, rather, as informational organisms. Together with biological agents and engineering artifacts, we share a global environment ultimately consisting of information: the infosphere. This is called the Turing revolution.

Floridi will use the framework provided by these four revolutions to sketch the development of e-Health (healthcare practice which is supported by electronic processes and communication) and its ethical issues. The Turing revolution is increasingly affecting our views on human nature, its fragility and resilience, its health (including mental health), and how we may shape it and make it flourish. We shall see how human bodies may be interpreted informationally and what this implies, in the future and in terms of human well-being.

De lezing wordt gevolgd door een open discussie. NIAS-Seminars worden door de Rector van het Instituut georganiseerd. Deze seminars zijn bedoeld om de kennis die het instituut in huis heeft te verspreiden. De sprekers zijn NIAS Fellows die hun Work in Progress laten zien.