Begrip of tegenspraak?

Analyse van een middeleeuwse onderzoekmethode

Weijers, O.

2002 | 24 pagina's | ISBN 90-6984-362-5 | gratis

In this book the author undermines a few generally accepted ideas about logic by showing that modern standard logic is far from the one and only possible immutable logic it has been taken to be. An inspection of the foundations of logic reveals ways of producing a large number of logically sound alternatives that deviate in often interesting ways from standard logic.

The interest of this new approach lies in the fact that modern standard logic may be of great use to mathematics, but corresponds rather badly with intuitive judgements of truth and falsity produced by ordinary people who express their thoughts in language.

Various ways will be shown to restore those elements in the Aristotelian tradition of the predicate calculus that have offended modern logicians to their rightful place in the logic of language and thus, in important respects, also in the logic of thinking.