Cognitive Foundations of Interpretation

Edited by Gerlof Bouma, Irene Krämer and Joost Zwarts

2007 | viii + 196 pagina's | ISBN 90-6984-493-1 | gratis

This volume deals with the question concerning the grounding of constraints on interpretation in general cognitive principles and presents theoretical, empirical, computational and experimental perspectives on language. The papers collected in this volume approach the linguistic system as the outcome of interaction and conflict resolution. Topics in the study of typology, anaphora, focus, discourse, lexicon, and learning find an explanation in the interaction between different linguistic and cognitive mechanisms, the interaction of hearer's and speaker's perspectives, and the conflicts to which such interaction may give rise.

The chapters show in a variety of ways how fruitful and promising it is to study the foundations of interpretation from the viewpoint of interaction: at the individual cognitive level and at the social level. Contributors: M. Aloni, R.H. Baayen, Joh. van Benthem, R. Blutner, G. Bouma, J. Bresnan, A. Cueni, P. Hendriks, H. de Hoop, G. Jäger, S. Kepser, I. Krämer, M. Krifka, J. Kuhn, T. Nikitina, B.H. Partee, R. van Rooij, J. Spenader, H. de Swart, H. Zeevat, J. Zwarts