KNAW Fonds Ecologie 2021

Zeventien jonge onderzoekers kunnen in 2021 ecologisch veldwerk uitvoeren in binnen- of buitenland of onderzoek doen aan een universiteit buiten Nederland met een bijdrage uit het KNAW Fonds Ecologie. Een financiële bijdrage bedraagt maximaal negenduizend euro.

Nnomzie Atama

PhD student EUR

Investigation on the role of resident and migrant bird species in the transmission of West Nile virus and Usutu virus across bird populations in Nigeria

Anastasiia Barilo

PhD student IBED UvA

Sulfide detoxifying symbionts of Caulerpa prolijera

Ana Paula Dalhem Barbos

PhD student RUN

N2O emission from fish gills bacteria

Stella Gachoki

PhD student UT

Evaluating the transferability of teneral and non-teneral Glossina pallidipes occurrence models beyond Shimba Hills National Reserve in Kenya

Anastasia Galani

PhD student WUR

Ecological role of hydrogenogenic CO-utilizing microbes in marine hydrothermal sediments

Liana Greenberg

PhD student WUR

The use and abuse of passion-vine butterflies’ anti-aphrodisiac pheromones by eavesdropping egg parasitoids.

Youri van den Hurk

Zooarchaeological Research and Education Assistant RUG

The Demise of the North Atlantic Grey Whale (Eschrichtius robustus)

Icaro Barbosa Alves

PhD student RUN

How do contrasting fish communities affect greenhouse gas emissions from eutrophic ponds?

Lonneke IJsseldijk

PhD student UU

Every scar counts: Determining reproductive success of harbour porpoises by assessing ovarian corpora scarring and pathological changes in the reproductive organs

Willemien de Kock

PhD student RUG

Long-term diet perspectives of the Nile softshell turtle (Trionyx triunguis) on the Levant

Annick van der Laan

PhD student UU

Het effect van bodemdaling remmende maatregelen op de insectenstand in het Nederlandse veenweideg

Alicia Macia Valero

PhD student RUG

Accessing the yeast killer toxicome in the Netherlands – a potentially rich source for new antifungals

German Perez Pesamosca

PhD student NIOO/ KNAW

How the cross talk among methane oxidizing bacteria and cyanobacteria can regulate our climate? Preliminary insights in this interaction

Lisa van Sluijs

PhD student WUR

Linking biodiversity and pathogen abundance in bacterivorous nematode populations

Utku Urhan

Post doc NIOO KNAW

Measuring innovativeness in a natural population of blue tits and great tits

Pim Willemsen

PhD student UT

Effective restoration and adaptive management of intertidal wetlands by enhancing pioneer vegetation growth

Md Ataul Gani

PhD student TUD/WUR

Determination of nitrogen retention and export of a large tropical river with geomorphic complexity - A mass-balance approach