Academy Professor Prize awarded to Ineke Sluiter and Hans Clevers

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  • Academy Beijerinck Prize for American virologist Raul Andino Feb 27, 2017

    The Academy Beijerinck Virology Prize (EUR 35,000) has been awarded this year to Raul Andino, a virologist affiliated with the University of California in San Francisco. The Beijerinck Premium (EUR 25,000) goes to Marit van Gils, a promising AIDS researcher at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam.

  • United States travel ban seriously hinders free practice of science Feb 10, 2017

    The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and The Young Academy support the statements published by the International Council for Science (ICSU), the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) and EuroScience.

  • CBS-KNAW is now Westerdijk Institute Feb 10, 2017

    In 1907 Johanna Westerdijk became director of the CBS-KNAW. One hundred years ago, she also became the first female professor in the Netherlands. In 2017 we honour her work and we celebrate her contribution to science. To reflect the legacy the institute builds on, the name of this institution changes to Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute.

  • Ammodo KNAW Awards for eight top researchers in the Netherlands Jan 25, 2017

    Ammodo and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) have announced today the winners of the Ammodo KNAW Awards in 2017 are Roshan Cools, Eveline Crone, Jeroen Geurts, Olivier Hekster, Alicia Montoya, Eva van Rooij, Appy Sluijs and Guido van der Werf. The laureates each receive a cash prize of 300,000 euros. They can use the money over the coming years to explore new areas of fundamental research.

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