Descartes-Huygens Prize to two nanoscientists

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  • Martine Piccart winner of KNAW Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Oct 04, 2018

    Relevance for patients is what underpins all her research. The development of ‘personalised treatment’ is central to her work. Martine Piccart (65) is receiving the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award 2018 for her distinguished contributions to research on breast cancer treatment and for her wide-ranging work as an educator and advocate for clinical cancer research.

  • Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken presents Heineken Prizes for Arts and Sciences Sep 27, 2018

    This afternoon, Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken presented the Heineken Prizes for Arts and Sciences to biomedical scientist Peter Carmeliet (University of Leuven), biologist Paul Hebert (University of Guelph), neuroscientist Nancy Kanwisher (MIT), historian John McNeill (Georgetown University), biophysicist Xiaowei Zhuang (Harvard University) and visual artist Erik van Lieshout.

  • EASAC report ‘Opportunities for soil sustainability in Europe’: Policy-makers cannot afford to ignore soil sustainability Sep 26, 2018

    Soils play a key role in climate regulation, nutritious diets, agricultural livelihoods, and biodiversity. But soils have dropped down the EU policy agenda, despite their importance for society and nature. There are many opportunities for policy to safeguard the future of Europe’s soils and play its part in reversing global trends in soil degradation, says EASAC.

  • A molecular carrot-and-stick approach to wiring the brain Sep 18, 2018

    A versatile molecule that comes in two flavors, helps fine-tuning synaptic connections in the developing brain. That is the conclusion of a study by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience published in Cell Reports. The discovery by the Christian Lohmann group offers new insights into developmental disorders such as autism, in which neural connections are disrupted, and may lead to a better treatment of the disease.

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